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Join Emily Paxhia and Cy Scott weekly as we discuss cannabis MSOs, products & market analysis through the lens of data. A laid-back, data-backed discussion on the cannabis market with notable industry leaders, poolside sessions and more.

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A lens on the business of cannabis from two people who have been in it for way too long.

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E159 - Florida, man! Look out California, Florida is going to be THE market.
April 03, 2024x
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E159 - Florida, man! Look out California, Florida is going to be THE market.

Watch out Florida Man, the new headline is going to be about the big numbers that Florida will be putting up in a post adult-use legalized cannabis world. Join Cy Scott (CEO of Headset) and Emily Paxia (Managing Partner of Poseidon) discuss the exciting news that adult-use cannabis legalization has...

E158 - The Commish!
March 20, 2024x
00:34:2315.77 MB

E158 - The Commish!

The commish is cracking down in New York, bringing the full might of the OGS to the legal cannabis market. Emily Paxhia and Cy Scott take a laid-back data-backed look at all the latest headlines coming out of New York -- good and bad!  New York Must Figure Out How to Fix Cannabis Mess, Hochul Order...

E157 - What's Ahead for Cannabis in 2024
March 13, 2024x
00:44:2020.32 MB

E157 - What's Ahead for Cannabis in 2024

Okay, so it's been a little while but we are back (by popular demand)! The High-Rise returns with an all-new episode where we discuss what's coming for the show this year, and cover the stories we think we'll be talking a lot about during this upcoming year.  New York City vs. Upstat...


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My go-to for the cannabis industry

This podcast quickly became my favorite for cannabis news and industry updates. Love how Cy & Emily bring together guests, data points, & personal stories to paint a picture of what’s going on in this crazy industry.

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The Stuff You Should Know of Cannabis!

Cy and Emily are the authorities of what’s happening in the cannabis industry and deliver insights backed by expertise AND data. They have a great chemistry, are fun to listen to, and I always walk away learning something new and interesting. High Rise is on my list of “must listens” weekly!

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Top Notch Podcast for the industry

Curious about what’s going on with the cannabis industry? Trying to keep up with all of the news around legalization, state trends, and more? High Rise is where it’s at. It’s great to hear from invested industry veterans who are working to push the industry forward while being honest about where we are. I think High Ri...

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