E138 - C’mon Feel the Illinoise

E138 - C’mon Feel the Illinoise

In this episode of The High Rise, Cy and Emily provide a comprehensive look at the state of Illinois' cannabis program, exploring recent modifications to 55 new adult-use licenses. Tune in as they discuss the key changes in the licensing process, the use of a lottery system for selecting winners, and the removal of residency requirements and bonus points for military veterans. 

Our hosts also shed light on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs awarded licenses in raising necessary funds to open their stores.

Join the conversation on The High Rise as Cy and Emily delve into Illinois' social equity initiatives established by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO). Learn about the technical and financial assistance provided to social equity applicants to level the playing field and foster their successful participation in the legal cannabis industry. Gain valuable insights into the criteria for social equity applicants and how these measures aim to support individuals and communities historically impacted by cannabis-related arrests and imprisonment.

As the episode continues, our hosts discuss Headset's Insights product launch for Illinois coverage, providing data on sales growth, category performance, and market trends in the state. Discover how Illinois' cannabis market has evolved over the years, its position as the third-largest market in the US, and the opportunities and challenges it faces amidst fluctuating sales growth.