E151 - O(high)O legalization news and Q3 earnings wrap
High Rise: Cannabis MSOs, Products & Market AnalysisNovember 13, 2023x
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E151 - O(high)O legalization news and Q3 earnings wrap

Join Emily Paxhia and Cy Scott in the latest episode of High-Rise, where they unpack Ohio's surprising jump into legalizing adult-use cannabis. It's a big deal, not just for Ohioans, but also for the political chessboard. 

The conversation then takes a turn into the world of cannabis heavyweights, diving into the Q3 financial drama of Multi-State Operators like Ascend, GTI, Terrasend, Verano, Trulieve, and Curaleaf. Emily lends her sharp expertise to dissect trends, successes, and the not-so-small matter of navigating the infamous 280E tax code. They also touch on the potential seismic shifts in federal policy and what this could mean for cannabis businesses. 

Wrapping up, our hosts explore the evolving strategies of cannabis companies, showing us how the industry is growing up, getting smarter, and maybe, just maybe, figuring it all out. Whether you're deep in the cannabis game or just casually tuning in, this episode is a delightful blend of insight, analysis, and just the right touch of humor - perfect for anyone who enjoys a smart take on the ever-evolving cannabis industry. 🌱🎧

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