E155 - Ohio cannabis officially legal, but... no sharing (maybe)?
High Rise: Cannabis MSOs, Products & Market AnalysisDecember 11, 2023x
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E155 - Ohio cannabis officially legal, but... no sharing (maybe)?

In the latest High-Rise, Cy and Emily discuss the latest updates on cannabis legalization in New York and Ohio. They cover the settlement in New York and the approval of licenses for existing medical operators to transition into the adult-use market. They also discuss the disappointing progress of the cannabis industry in New York over the past year. 

The bulk of the discussion is on the recently legalized Ohio, where they explore the recent legalization and the proposed changes to the law, including tax increases, home cultivation limits, criminal expungement, and more. They also touch on the potential impact of these changes on the Ohio market and the use of Luster Pods in the state.


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  • https://www.marijuanamoment.net/ohio-senate-marijuana-bill-keeps-criminalization-and-undermines-equity-despite-expungements-and-home-grow-advocates-warn/